Modules Designed to make Difference

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome video

    • Includes, 10 one on one coaching sessions, cd’s and MP3’s, videos, case Studies, Zoom Workshops...and Group workshops ( when we are allowed to have them)

  • 2

    STEP 1 Your Online evaluation

    • Your Profile

    • Your Personal Goal

    • Your Business goal

  • 3

    Module 1 -Success In Life

    • “Success has been defined as getting what you want in Life, Happiness is being able to enjoy it....and peace is being relaxed about the price to get there”

    • Success in Life Video

    • The next steps

    • Lesson Materials Module 1

    • Success In Life MP3

  • 4

    Module 2 - Designing your ideal Life

    • If you don’t know where you are....and where you are are actually.....LOST

    • Designing Your Ideal Life

  • 5

    Videos that can inspire you

    • Strive, Thrive Survive

    • Time to talk to Henry Olonga Part 1

    • Time to talk to Henry Part 2

    • Once you’ve identified a goal...what are the next steps?

    • Dr Daryl Cross Interview

  • 6

    Meet the Participants

    • Meet Zakery Johnson

    • Meet Mike Edmonson

    • Meet Andrew and Nerissa

    • Meet Adriano

    • Meet Nicole Cleggett

    • Meet Brett Golding

    • Meet Tanya

    • Meet Stelios

  • 7

    Setting and Achieving Goals

    • “Some people spend more time planning their annual holidays or a wedding, than they do planning their life”

  • 8

    The Economic Equation of Business

    • “Understanding fully the Variables that contribute to a successful business....means that you can plan methodically to have one”

  • 9

    Developing a Profit Plan

    • “Businesses that make profits are great Servants...but ones that make losses are lousy Masters!”

  • 10

    My Products and Services

    • “A thing of Beauty is a joy...forever!”

  • 11

    My People and Passion

    • People who love what they do...never do a day of work in their life

  • 12

    Creating a Culture of Excellence

    • You, your team and your clients either enjoy the benefits of a positive business culture...or you endure the pain of a lack of ownership and responsibility

  • 13

    Promoting your Business and its Products

    • Do all of your clients fully understand all that you can do for them?........and how do you educated those who don’t

  • 14

    The Productivity Challenge

    • Producing enough of the right a timely manner...of good what its about.

  • 15

    Service....the ultimate Contributor to Repeat Business

    • Customers will go where they are invited....but only stay where they are treated well.

  • 16

    Systems and Processes

    • Good Systems and good processes help to deliver good outcomes.....and good client experiences!

  • 17

    Finding New and Better Business

    • Finding the “right” type of business ...from the right clients.....for the right margin..makes everything easy!

  • 18

    Motivation ( Optional)

    • “Everybody is depends on the goal whether it is for good or for nothing”

  • 19

    Attitudes and Habits...the key to Success! (Optional)

    • A lot of the “fruit” of our habits won’t be immediately apparent, but it will definitely come to the “surface” as outcomes....later on.

  • 20

    Decision Making and Problem Solving ( Optional)

    • Common sense isn’t that common...if it was..more people would be better off!

  • 21

    Time and Personal Management (Optional)

    • The concept of time is a bit of a misnomer. Time looks after itself pretty well....its only people who don’t

  • 22

    Communication ( Optional)

    • Never in History have we had as many contraptions with which we can communicate....but as individuals and a society...the art of clear communication seems to elude us.